“Is this real life?”

Somebody pinch me because what just happened within the last 22 hours is too incredible to be true!
This week my rowing team and I traveled to Princeton, NJ to compete at the U23 World Championship Trials for a spot to compete for the US at the U23 World Championships in the Lightweight Women’s quad.
It came down to a nail biting 300 meters (just under 1/4 of the total 2,000 meter race) with the other boat in the lead. Watching the race later, I was even nervous for my boat because we were slightly behind. But in the last 10 strokes of the race we pulled ahead by several feet to win the race and the honor to represent the US in Lithuania next month!
All this went down between 9:28 and 9:35 yesterday morning.
At 9:34 (right when we were making the incredible move to come out ahead) I received an email from UVM, the medical school of my dreams, the only school to offer me an interview, the school to which I have sent about 4 letters of continued interest. I GOT INTO UVM COM FOR THE CLASS OF 2016!
So keep checking in as I head to Lithuania in 8 days and medical school in 45 days!

One Response to ““Is this real life?””

  1. Pass says:

    I know this is 2 months old but I couldn’t resist commenting…very inspiring story! Now, two months after how is everything going with the school and the championship?