Practice What You Teach

Tonight I went to see my professors perform in a faculty recital for the Music Department.   This concert featured Alexander Hurd (Baritone), Tony Arnold (Soprano), and Alison D’Amato on piano.  The concert was a performance of a Song Cycle by Marcel Tyberg, an Austrian composer who was murdered by the Nazis at Auschwitz in 1944.  JoAnn Falletta, from the Buffalo Philharmonic, gave some introductory remarks to the audience about the history of the pieces.  She also discussed some of the world premier performances of Tyberg’s work that she has been involved with through support provided by the Marcel Tyberg Musical Legacy Fund of the Foundation for Jewish Philanthropies. 

My Senior Recital is coming up this Saturday (I’m sure everyone is getting sick of hearing about it) and this concert helped me get inspired and excited for it!  It was very nice to take a break from my practice room and watch my teachers perform.  Sometimes it is a great refresher to watch a professional, and just to visually see (and hear) what they might be trying to get me to do in my individual lessons.  One of the trickiest things about music is that there is no “right answer.”  There is always an element of interpretation, so I feel that I can really benefit from going to concerts, just like a math major might benefit from doing practice problems or proofs.  Now that I’m all re-energized and inspired, I should probably take some time to relax before my busy day tomorrow full of classes, work, and a dress rehearsal!

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