Films Galore

A great deal of my classwork this week dealt with films.  My Italian professor is constantly seeking new articles, books, and films to suggest to her students and I am taking two classes with her this semester which allows for double that!  We watched a very interesting film this week about the politics during fascist Italy.  The use of films in Italian class is great because you actually get the chance to visualize different locations in Italy and even be exposed to different dialects.  In other classes film is used for similar purposes.  In my music history class today, my professor showed us a dvd which illustrated the reconstruction of a royal English barge which was then used for a performance of Handel’s “Water Music.”  From time to time, my voice teacher will suggest films for me to watch.  I recently watched the dvd of “Traviata” which my professor loaned me.  Film is another medium for teachers to use to help give students another prospective about a topic and I am always excited to broaden my film knowledge!

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