Embracing Winter

I headed downtown today to check out the festivities at the Powder Keg Festival (Lynlee mentioned it in her Blog if it sounds familiar).  We got a lot of snow in the past few days and I’ve been craving doing something wintery like sledding or iceskating. I decided instead of being annoyed by the snow I would bundle up and head out for some snowy fun!

I went with a group of friends and we got a roundtrip subway ticket at the south campus stop for $3.50.  The subway was absolutley full and it was really exciting to see so many people using public transportation. We got downtown around 1 and walked around to check out all the different things going on.  It was packed, and so exciting to see so many people outside in Buffalo and totally enjoying the snow!!  It was great too to see the many different people that were all attracted to the same event, from toddlers, to college kids, to businessmen.  There were all sorts of things going on, but it was definately crowded!  There was live music right, a broomball tournament, sledding (on the skyway exit ramp), and the world’s largest ice maze! My favorite part had to be the fact that it was snowing…it made it feel that much more wintery!

One Response to “Embracing Winter”

  1. Jenna says:

    So what do people typically do up in buffalo for Valentines day?