A trip to the Zoo!

IMG_6636It’s that time of the end of the year during which there are a ton of fun activities or end of the year dinners and ‘get-togethers.’  The Tele-team for the Office of Admissions every seemester has an optional “fun activity.”   This semester we decided to go to the Buffalo Zoo!  I have always wanted to check out the Buffalo Zoo, it’s right near Delaware Park downtown and I’ve passed it several times.   We arranged a carpool so we only had to take three cars and it’s only about fifteen minutes from campus.  We had a great day to go, it was sunny and warm out.  It was pretty busy but it’s big enough to not be croweded.  I thought it was great to just take a break from studying and doing work to go out and enjoy the weather, look at all the adorable animals (and maybe even learn something new)!!  Enjoy the pictures!!IMG_6605IMG_6597IMG_6590

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