David Blaine

Hello all! I am very excited to be writing my first blog post, even though I am still stunned by the topic I am writing about. This past Saturday I had the opportunity to attend a literally breath taking show by world renowned magician and endurance artist, David Blaine. Where do you ask? It was in Alumni Arena and for UB students it was FREE. UB hosts what is called a distinguished speakers series, which brings in famous artists, political leaders, writers, scientists and revolutionists to talk, inspire and perform.  Some recent ones from this year have included Sanjay Gupta, Malcolm Gladwell and Hillary Clinton.

This series is free to UB students and takes place on campus. Can it get much better than that?

David Blaine was unreal! He started the show off submerged in a tank of water, in which he stayed under water for over ten minutes. In these ten minutes he had an eel come swim out of his mouth, he ate a banana, smoked a cigar and one lucky audience member was thrown in with him to take a selfie. He also challenged the audience to hold our breaths to see how long we could last. Let’s just say most of us would have needed a visit to the hospital if we had to hold it for the ten minutes with David Blaine.  That wasn’t the only way he stole our breaths though.

Once dry, he performed amazing card tricks and put an ice pick through his hand, with no sense of pain. As a bio-medical science major I am still baffled that there was no blood and question the validity that it was really his hand. But no sense in questioning, as it can be summed up to magic!

David Blaine wasn’t just an amazing endurance performer and magician, he was very motivational. He talked about how much time and effort he puts into mastering tricks. Practice makes perfect and that is something he stressed. He also preached the idea that nothing is impossible, which sounds cliché, but it most certainly isn’t when it comes from someone who conquers the impossible every day. In all the show was captivating, inspiring and fun. The distinguished speakers series yet again did an awesome job and I can not wait for next year’s list of speakers to be released!

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