My final day of my undergraduate career has come and gone as I now look to move on to my graduate studies. It has been a great three and a half years here at UB and I am extremely grateful for the education and opportunities that I received during my time here. Looking back, I definitely made the right choice when I came to UB. I leave my undergraduate career feeling that I received the best possible education that I could have asked for and I feel that I made the most out of my time here. Getting involved on campus really made a difference in my experience and I can tell you first hand that my extracurricular activities have not only boosted my resume but also helped me determine my ultimate career path.

I want to thank all of you out there that have read my blog over the past year and those who I have gotten the chance to meet with at Open Houses. I wish everyone the best of luck in their future academic pursuits and I hope that everyone is able to find a undergraduate experience as rich and fulfilling as I have here at UB.


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