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Here’s to the start of a great semester

Hello again fellow UB addicts,

The spring semester has finally started up today after a month off for winter break.  What a relaxing, travel-filled, yet family oriented break it was.  I couldn’t ask for anything better; however, I am all suited up and ready for this semester.  I plan on setting aside one or two days a week to spend a few hours at the library reviewing for my classes…a study tool I’d suggest to everyone.  This should be very helpful in the long run and make studying for tests much easier.  I hope everyone had a great break and is looking forward to the new year.


Yours in blogging,


Great Time of the Year

It’s a great time of the year for everyone here at UB.  All of the students and teachers seem to be thrilled about a few things.  First off, the cold weather seems to have finally broken through.  All over campus, UB students can be seen in their shorts and t-shirts.  Summer festivities such as grill-outs and bonfires are right around the corner.  Secondly, there is less than one month of school left.  I think everyone is looking forward to a great summer of 2011.

Baseball & Classes

The past few weeks, my life has been all about competing on the field and in the classroom.  We had a long road trip over spring break where we played in Virginia and North Carolina for an immense 11 game trip.  Baseball has been a great time so far, and the team comradery is at an all time high.  Aside from baseball, I just finished a big stretch of tests, as it’s common for teachers to give their second test of the semester once students come back from Spring Break.  Although some students may prefer to take these tests right before Spring Break starts, I thought it was helpful to have the extra time off to relax and study in my spare time.

Go Bulls!

Back to the Grind

Today was the first day of classes for the start of our second semester here at UB.  For the students, it means a clean slate to work from and a fresh grade book.  I’m really looking forward to Cell Biology, because there’s a lot of interesting information we’ll be going over throughout the rest of the year.  So far, the teachers and students seem anxious to get this semester on the road, and I’m equally as anxious, too!

The Final Stretch

MOOD: refreshed

WORK LOAD: nothing…yet

SPORTS UPDATE: Women’s Basketball Win 66-56; Men’s Basketball Loss 58-54

With Thanksgiving break over, it’s time to crack down on the academics.  We have two weeks left of classes and then finals.  These next few weeks will be filled with many tests and a lot of studying.  With Christmas break less than three weeks away, it can be easy to fall off track; however, it’s crunch-time in the classroom at UB.