November 2010 Archive

The Final Stretch

MOOD: refreshed

WORK LOAD: nothing…yet

SPORTS UPDATE: Women’s Basketball Win 66-56; Men’s Basketball Loss 58-54

With Thanksgiving break over, it’s time to crack down on the academics.  We have two weeks left of classes and then finals.  These next few weeks will be filled with many tests and a lot of studying.  With Christmas break less than three weeks away, it can be easy to fall off track; however, it’s crunch-time in the classroom at UB.

Ahh, Finally…A Break

Mood: thrilled

Work Load: little to none

Sports Update: Men’s Basketball 87-76 Win; Women’s Basketball 72-53 Win; Volleyball 3-0 Loss

After working hard for the first few months of school, nothing can be as rewarding as going home for a week to indulge in some relaxation and Thanksgiving festivities… including the FOOD.  After my Monday and Tuesday classes were cancelled this week, I knew I’d be going home as soon as possible to see  much missed family and friends.  All of the stressors of academics and living on your own can catch up to any student, so it’s vital to rest up and recharge the batteries over fall break so your ready once final exams come.  This is exactly what I plan on doing for the next week.  It’s going to be an eventful yet fun Thanksgiving for myself, and I hope yours is just as exciting, too.


MOOD: happy

WORK LOAD: moderate

SPORTS UPDATE: Women’s Volleyball 3-0 Win; Men’s Basketball 53-64 Loss

Last night, my friend and I went to The Center for the Arts to enjoy the musical Cabaret performed by fellow UB students.  Attending the musical was a requirement for my Performance Appreciation class, which has us attend 3 performances throughout the semester. The musical was put on in UB’s Drama Theater.  For everyone in attendance, the show consisted of many laughs and catchy songs.  For my first musical, I have to say I enjoyed it.  Everyone involved in making the production did a terrific job, and the actors put on a great show.  Cabaret was a big success.


MOOD: energetic

Work Load: moderate

Sports Update: Women’s Basketball 86-48 Win; Men’s Swimming and Diving 165-135 Win

As we get deeper into November, the beards get scruffier and thicker at UB.  Many men choose to participate in No Shave November.  The name itself is pretty self-explanatory; however, for those of you who aren’t familiar with No Shave November, it’s simply a month of abstaining from shaving.  Although many students may think it’s just for fun, No Shave November has an interesting origin.  It started in Australia in 2003 and was originally known as Movember. “MO” stood for mustache, and men would only grow out the hair on their upper lip.   Movember was to raise awareness of prostate cancer, and in 2004, $55,000 was raised in Australia for prostate cancer research.  This awareness spread quickly, and there are currently around 250,000 supporters.  In 2009, 42 million dollars was raised by the Movember Organization.  Men in this organization are called “Mo-Bros.”  Check out their website, and help spread prostate cancer awareness!

Athletes For Athletes

MOOD: tired

WORK LOAD: light

SPORTS UPDATE: Wrestling 20-15 Win; Men’s Soccer 1-2 Loss; Women’s Volleyball 3-2 Win

Once a year, every sports team at Buffalo chooses a home game for their A.F.A. Although everyone is encouraged to come and support the Bulls, A.F.A.’s, or Athletes for Athletes, are crucial games that all athletes at UB are to attend.  They’re highly anticipated match-ups and always have a good turnout of fans.  Last night, the  fans and athletes stormed Alumni Arena as the Women’s Volleyball team brought a smile to their faces in a real crowd pleaser of a victory as the Bulls won 3 matches to 2.  The last set went serve for serve, and the heart and comradery of the UB squad filled the arena as the night ended with a victory for the Bulls.

Trick or Treat

MOOD: relaxed

WORK LOAD: moderate

SPORTS UPDATE: Women’s Volleyball 3-0 Win; Men’s Soccer 1-0 Win; Football 9-21 Loss

As October came to an end, UB students showed their Halloween spirit. I had a good time dressing up with my friends, watching scary movies, and carving pumpkins. I saw Paranormal Activity 2 with some baseball teammates and thought it was pretty good. I wouldn’t suggest it to anyone who doesn’t like scary movies, because it’s sure to keep you on the edge of your seat. The movie set the mood for the rest of the Halloween festivities. It was a fun filled weekend and good to see all the unique costumes UB students wore.