Bradley Cheetham, 2008 Barry M. Goldwater Scholar


A junior Honors Scholar studying aerospace and mechanical engineering, Bradley Cheetham was recently selected as a Barry M. Goldwater Scholar. The Goldwater Scholarship is awarded to sophomores and juniors who have outstanding potential and intend to pursue advanced degrees in mathematics, the natural sciences or engineering.  

Brad is the president and co-founder of the University at Buffalo chapter of Students for the Exploration and Development of Space, as well as the vice president-elect of the UB Chapter of Tau Beta Pi, the national engineering honor society. He has also been chosen to participate in the prestigious NASA Academy at Goddard Space Flight Center this summer. As a recipient of a NASA Space Grant Fellowship, he is currently researching engineering problems associated with returning to the moon. Off campus, Brad serves as the Director of Student Relations for the Space Exploration Alliance, a coalition of the nation’s premier non-profit space organizations, which works to communicate the importance of NASA’s mission to the American public and elected officials.

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