Obama comes to UB!

What a historic way to begin the 2013-2014 school year here!

On Thursday, the President of the United States of America came to speak at the University, and I got the chance to see him. It was a momentous occasion. This was the first time a sitting U.S. president came to speak on campus since Millard Filmore in 1853. At the time, Millard Fillmore was also the President of the University.

Although there was a lot of standing and waiting in lines involved on the day of the event, it was to be expected….and definitely worth it. Alumni Arena, filled with over 7,000 people, had such a positive and welcoming energy to it. Speaking on making higher education more affordable, the crowd seemed to be encouraged by the ideas President Obama presented.

Obama was focused and determined to get his thoughts across to the many people struggling to pay back loans. However, every now and then would add a light hearted joke. He even interacted with the student body, beginning his speech with a shout out to the UB Football team.

Overall, no matter what your opinions regarding Obama and his administration are, it was such an amazing experience. Not many people can say that the President has been to their campus! This is only one of many reasons going to a university such as UB has been so rewarding.

Have a great end of summer & beginning of the school year! 🙂


Pictures I took from my seat at President Obama's speech on Thursday, August 22nd.

Pictures I took from my seat at President Obama’s speech on Thursday, August 22nd.

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