It’s About Time!

Wow, it has been awhile! My apologies for the hiatus I took from blogging for a few months, senior year is not quite as laid back as I was expecting. Between applying to grad school, going to my internship at Sisters of Charity Hospital and school work, it has been an extremely busy, yet rewarding, semester thus far.

Speaking of my internship, it has been such a great experience which would not have been possible without the UB Health and Human Services Department. They set me up with a wonderful opportunity in the Volunteer Services office as well as many other internships for my fellow classmates. I am definitely grateful for the experiences that UB has to offer!

On an unrelated note, this past weekend was UB’s Relay for Life! It was a veryyyy long night, but we raised about $55,000! It is such an amazing event and it is so wonderful to see the UB community come together to fight cancer. I would definitely encourage people to get involved with Relay for Life, it is one of the largest events on campus.

That is all for now, but I will be posting again before graduation!

Have a happy week! 🙂

Photos taken at UB's Relay for Life!


Two photos taken from UB’s Relay for Life this past weekend!


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