So after just a couple of med school interviews I started to receive acceptances!

I could not believe it! When I read my first acceptance letter I was in complete awe. Not only had I gotten into an MD/PhD program, but one of my first acceptances was to one of my top choices! It’s absolutely unbelievable. The emotion that I felt upon reading that email was unlike anything ever before. For me it felt like all of my hard work (going to MCAT classes, doing all of the homework, taking practice test after practice test, getting through the exam, all of the applications and their essays, and then the interviews!) had finally paid off. It made it all seem worth it.

After that acceptance I received several more interview invites. But, even after going on some additional interviews the first school had stolen my heart. Everything about the school, from the people to the teaching methods to the city, felt right. So, I’ve send them my acceptance and now I wait for the rest of the paperwork. When it all comes together I can tell you where I am going!

Now in my final semester at UB I almost don’t know what to do with myself. I continue to keep myself busy, but it feels strange that it’ll all be coming to a close soon. All I know is that my experience at UB has been wonderful and those experiences helped to prepare me for the amazing road that now lies ahead.

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