Graduation Weekend!

Here’s a little taste of UB’s College of Arts and Sciences Graduation Ceremony! It was a looooong day that started at 8:30 am! The ceremony was from about 10-12:30. I went out and celebrated with my family and my boyfriend’s family afterwards in my hometown, East Aurora. I was a really long day, but so exciting and so worth it.

Before the students get up and walk across to get their diploma, they do about an hour of special honors and awards mixed in with some speeches. One of my former professors, Diane Christian got an award and it was wonderful seeing her accept it. She was my professor for Heaven, Hell, and Judgement, which was a really tough, (but worth it in the end) class. She also co-taught Great Film Directors with her husband Bruce Jackson. That class was cool because it was open to the community and held off campus in the city of Buffalo at the Market Arcade Theater. I’m glad she was recognized for all her hard work at the university, I don’t think I know an English major who hasn’t taken a class with her!

This is after we “officially graduated” because as you can see, my tassel is on the left side.

This was Senator Charles Schumer, who stopped by to give a very funny speech in the middle of the ceremony. His message was to “Go for it!”

Based on my GPA, I graduated Summa Cum Laude, which translated to English means, “the highest honors”. You’ll also see I’m wearing those ropes of different colors. The gold ones are for the Latin honors. I have two that are gold and maroon, and those are for the Tau Sigma Honor Society and the National Society for Collegiate Scholars. The black and silver cords are from the Society of Leadership and Success.

At UB there are commencement ceremonies that run from Thursday until Sunday for all different departments and awards. My department, the English department, chose to hold a separate ceremony congratulating us on Friday, which was just as special as the big ceremony on Sunday.

This is a picture of me and Professor Barbara Bono, who taught me all I know about Shakespeare! I feel very lucky to have been a part of her classes. The last thing she taught me, was how to wear the hood on my graduation gown.

I’m thrilled to have graduated from UB, I feel like the time I spent here went by too fast. I think posting about graduation is the best way to wrap up my time as a blogger for admissions so I’m going to leave this as my last post. I’ve had so much fun, thanks for reading!

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