Crossroads Culinary Center

During my 10-11am break today, I did what I normally do: go to Capen and check my email, Facebook, twitter, blogs I follow, and maybe if I have time the news and weather for the day. I was really surprised when on my Facebook newsfeed I found this article about UB’s Crossroads Culinary Center in the Buffalo News. When I lived in Richmond Hall in the Ellicott Complex two years ago, I either had to go to the Richmond Dining Hall or Red Jacket Dining Hall for breakfast or dinner. I had the option to go elsewhere on campus like the Commons, but I usually didn’t want to make the trek all the way over there when I could just go downstairs in my dorm. Now, as I recall, the food wasn’t very good. In fact, I went to Wegman’s quite a bit even though I had a meal plan. I wad definitely frustrated that it was AFTER I moved out that UB started construction on C3 (its the shorter and more often used title for Crossroads Culinary Center). I WOULD choose to live off campus after they start construction on a brand new dining facility in the dorms.

As a result of living off campus the only meal I eat on campus is lunch or dinner. To stay on budget I try to do it only on my busiest days once a week. My favorite place in the Union is of course, everyone else’s favorite place: Pistachio’s. If I don’t go there, I’m in the Commons getting lunch at Three Brothers or Rachel’s Mediterranean. I haven’t gotten a chance to go over to C3 yet because it’s all the way over in the Ellicott Complex. After reading this article, however, I think I’m going to head over there sometime next week! The students here talk about it all the time. It’s a bit expensive from what I’ve heard, but if you’re on the meal plan it’s not a big deal because the food is so good. Most people I’ve talked to say it’s well worth the price. I swear, even though I feel like I practically live on this campus because I’m here so much, I always find something that I haven’t explored or done yet.

Did I mention that UB is #1 ranked Dining Service for SUNY University Centers?

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