One Door Closes and Another One Opens

This past week was the end of another wonderful school year with finals running into commencement weekend.  As the seniors that I had made friends with graduated this past weekend, I watched as they closed another chapter in their life and leaped into a new one whether their path took them to a job, grad school, or something different. I applaud them for the courage that they must have to leave behind the lives that they built up over the past four years into the unknown.

At that point it reminds me that we have to tell ourselves to not be afraid of what is out there. I remember that the beginning of the school year I was uncertain about the transition between my first year and my sophomore year. Many of my friends who lived on my floor were either residential assistants or we weren’t living in the same area.  My roommate was one of the few from my first year who I would be living near.  I admit I was worried, but I didn’t have to be.

You figure out who your real friends are during your sophomore year. Who you can call in the middle of the night if you have a problem and who will always show up to support any of your endeavors.  You even make new friends, friends who you will become closer with than some from the first year. I admit it is weird at first coming home and not being able to walk directly across to a friend’s room to hang out and having to find time between multiple busy schedules to hand out.

As next year begins, I’ll be in a similar situation with myself living on opposite sides of the campus away from anyone I knew my first year. I’ll even be living with girls that I met this past year. However, this year’s graduating seniors reminded me that when one door closes another one opens and I see the upcoming school year full of opportunities yet to be tackled. I know that the next two years are going to fly by quickly so I have to make the most out of them.

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