Living on Campus: The Experience

Recently I was asked to be a part of a focus group for Campus Living where a large part of what we discussed was the experience of living on campus. In this, I thought to myself “what has living on campus taught me?”

Well, a lot. I’ve been very involved with the residence halls during my undergraduate experience. I’ve been involved with the Residence Hall Association, the National Residence Hall Honorary, and I’ve been a resident assistant. These things have all contributed to my being a¬†successful¬†individual. There’s something to be said about getting directly involved in the community you’re living it; it gives off a sense of purpose, being involved directly in what goes on and the programming that occurs.

Additionally, there’s so much to be said for being part of the programming that occurs within the halls, and the community you get. What’s awesome is that no matter how you’re involved, you’re part of that community as much as anyone else. While you may live on campus away from home, you’re making the halls your new home with a group of new individuals alike yourself.

Living on campus has been awesome for me. I’ve made tons of friends, learned a lot about myself and really have felt as though I was truly living my college experience. I wouldn’t trade it for anything!

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