Best week EVVERRRR!!!! (Minus the horrible tests on Tuesday and Thursday) My sister and I have started swimming every Tuesday and Thursday in our Alumni Arena on campus during the open swim hours so after a great swimming workout last night I decided to stop by Hadley Community Building to grab some vegetables I had left in the fridge there. I also stopped by to check my mail once before break and there waiting for me in my mailbox was a letter from the UB School of Social Work (in a little envelope). Now everyone knows what the little envelope holds…usually a denial letter. But mine held an acceptance letter!!! I am FINALLY into grad school!!!!! It’s such a weight off my shoulders and so awesome to know that I have something to do next year!! So all of you seniors that are waiting on your big (or little ) envelopes, never fear! They’ll come soon!

Tonight is going to be crazy for me. Since I had two huge exams this week and didn’t get to do anything for break I have to run around like a mad-woman tonight picking up last minute items like a new bathing suit, sunscreen and maybe a skirt or two. Then tomorrow morning it will be nothing but airplanes, open sky’s and blue water! I can’t wait to read a book for a week that isn’t a textbook (even though there will be textbooks coming with me) and just take some time to relax before the end of the semester!

Have an awesome week and don’t worry it’s okay to be jealous that my week will be spent aboard a cruise ship!!! 😀

2 Responses to “YESSS!!!!!”

  1. Catherine says:

    Congrats on the acceptance!

  2. chris says:

    I hope you bring me back something awesome from your cruise Lynlee!!! <3 always, your favorite Co-Community Assistant 🙂