I know I know I’ve very much been hidden for the last couple of weeks and for that I apologize. I feel like every time I sat down to blog and explain all the millions of things that have been going on another thing would pop up and need to be taken care of. Please forgive me!!

My mind boggles when I think about the fact that we have just a little over a week and a half left of classes. I feel like just yesterday the Admissions office was asking me to try out this blogging aspect of the website that they were going to start putting more effort into, and that was three years ago. I have 18 more lectures, 9 more days of classes and 22 days until commencement ceremony!!! There are just so many little things that go into making sure that all of your ducks are in a row including getting your cap & gown, picking up graduation tickets and having final transcripts sent off to graduate school.

Like Steph, one of the things that my friends and I decided to do was all go to the Student Association’s Spring Gala last weekend. It was a really good time because it was a chance for everyone who hadn’t really gotten together in a while, because all of our lives have taken us in many different directions. The conversations that were occurring that night just made me realize how far we really had come. Many people were catching up on everyone’s post-graduation plans. Some of us are getting ready to take a summer off and enjoy not being a student before heading back to grad school; others of us are sending out our resumes in hopes of getting interviews for potential jobs and still others are still not sure, hoping something will come to us before they hand us our diploma.

Me? I’m all registered for graduate classes and looking forward to a summer off before diving right into working towards my Masters in Social Work. I’m actually really excited about graduate school. I feel like it’ll be not only an amazing experience to finally be completely surrounding myself in classes and experiences that are going to help me in my career for the rest of my life but I am excited for the next chapter of my life. I’ve spent the last four years working towards this and there is finally an end in sight (I mean two years down the road but we’re getting there). It’s weird to be growing up, but exciting at the same time. Adult? I’m not ready for that label yet!

Here are a couple of pictures from gala:

gala 006gala 012

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  1. Cathy says:

    Best of luck to you in graduate school! I really enjoyed reading your blog this year.