December 2008 Archive

Let it snow!

WoW! I guess I didn’t realize how long it’s been since I’ve written! I’ve been out of school for just shy of a week now, about five days, but haven’t even been home for all of it! My little sister and I packed up the car and headed home last Tuesday. The ride was a nice time for us to catch up, chat about some Christmas presents that we still need to pick up and talk about our plans for the winter vacation. Once I got home I had a nice day on Wednesday to spend in my snugglies and than early Thursday morning my mom and I met my aunt on the Massachusetts Pike and I headed to Boston for the next four days. I was there to obviously spend time with family that I hadn’t gotten to see in a while but also on Saturday night we threw my grandparents a surprise 50th anniversary party!! It was an awesome time, I think they were really surprised and it was amazing to see, especially in this day and age, two people who have spent 50 years of their life with each other. As I watched them I could only hope that I would one day be as lucky as they are to be celebrating such a monumental occasion with such an amazing family surrounding them!

The other thing I’ve done since I got home was bought my ticket for the International Bowl Game in Toronto! If you keep up with college football at all you’ll know that in a huge upset, UB’s Bulls took out Ball State, an undefeated team! Well now on January 3rd we’re heading up north for our bowl game and our Student Association along with our fan club True Blue, offered a great student package! For $10 we get a bus up to the game, a pre-game party, the ticket to the game and the bus back! So a few friends and I decided we just couldn’t give that up and we reserved our tickets as soon as we got home!

I’m sure everyone else in the Northeast has been bunked down, hiding away from the snow just like my family has! I’m so excited that it is going to be such a white holiday season!

Before I head out I just want to wish all of our Jewish friends a happy first night of Hannukkah!!!! 🙂


A moment to breathe!

Well, today caps it off. The last day of classes is upon us and tomorrow starts a few reading days before a week and a half of finals. My exam schedule really isn’t that stressful compared to some people. I had a ten page paper due on Wednesday night and two exams on Thursday. Even my finals week isn’t that bad. I have an exam Tuesday night and then a final on Friday. I’m actually pretty excited that I’m forced to stay until the 16th because I love having a few days to relax and enjoy Buffalo before having to pack up and head home for a few weeks!

Tonight is also our Holiday Party for the Student Recruitment Unit, a part of Admissions. I’m really looking forward to it because it is always a great time when you get all of us together, we have very much become one big family! Plus we always get some fun little gifts!

It’s suppose to snow a lot this weekend so I’m looking forward to everything being covered in a blanket of snow, it’s always some of my favorite moments of the year!