And now, a UB graduate

After four years of priceless friendships, numerous papers and exams, and countless opportunities to interact with my peers at UB and with the Buffalo community, I graduated in May with Bachelors degrees in Psychology and Social Science Interdisciplinary with a Concentration in Legal Studies.  Even after having the summer to process, it’s a surreal feeling.  Time flew by so quickly; as the incoming freshmen class prepares to move in, it feels as though I just moved into my freshman dorm in Governors last year.  I wouldn’t change my experience for anything, and I can only encourage incoming students and upperclassmen to utilize their time at UB to its greatest potential.

UB is full of endless opportunities to excel and push yourself.  Get involved – join a club because it sounds fun or hone your athletic ability by participating in intramural sports.  UB offers so much for a great financial bargain, and Buffalo is an up-and-coming city that will only continue to produce possibilities. I’ve met some of my best friends at UB. I’ve learned about myself and about others, about current events and the way the world works. I’ve learned to question things on their face and to be curious.  I’m attending law school this fall and I am excited to build upon the foundation that UB gave me.  Buffalo and UB will always be a part of me.  As always, go Bulls!

graduation graduation2

Food, food and more food

In my opinion, the food in Buffalo is the best. Besides being the birthplace of the original chicken wing, Buffalo is the home of beef on weck, chicken finger subs and sponge candy. There are so many places to eat around the City of Buffalo and its suburbs – and plenty of them are located near UB.

The two best places to eat chicken wings in Buffalo are the Anchor Bar and Duff’s Famous Wings — you’ll have to visit both to decide which you prefer. We also have Food Truck Tuesdays in Larkin Square in downtown Buffalo every Tuesday in the warm months and food trucks including Lloyd Taco Truck, Chef’s, Taffy’s and more. Fowler’s and Watson’s, both located on Elmwood Avenue, are great places for chocolate and ice cream. If you’re in Buffalo, you’ve got to stop there and try the sponge candy — it’s my personal favorite.

Every Monday this semester my friends and I have selected a different restaurant from the Amherst-Buffalo area to test out. We’ve visited restaurants like Brickhouse, the Griffon Gastropub, the Chocolate Bar, Blue Monk and Anderson’s as well as area chains like Olive Garden, Applebee’s and the Cheesecake Factory. Although freshmen living on campus are required to have meal plans, I’d recommend getting off campus once in a while to taste all that Buffalo has to offer — because there is a lot of it.

griffon gastropub

A panko chicken sandwich and seasoned fries from the Griffon Gastropub in Clarence.

Working out on campus

With a busy college schedule, you might find yourself having difficulty fitting in a workout. If you’re living on campus, there are several amenities available to make it easier to squeeze in that run or weight-lifting session. Each residence hall has workout facilities – South Campus has options in both Goodyear Hall and in Clark Gym, the Ellicott Complex has a gym in Richmond Hall, Governors has a gym in Roosevelt Hall, the Hadley and Flint Village Apartment Complexes have small gyms in their community centers and South Lake Village Apartment Complex is a quick walk away from Alumni Arena, the largest student gym.

The gym in Alumni is where I usually frequent. It has two levels; the lower level is primarily weight machines and free weights while the second level has rows of treadmills, ellipticals, exercise bikes and a Stair Master. Most of the machines have built-in TVs so you can watch TV if you bring your own headphones, or follow along with your progress as you work out.


The view of the bottom floor of the gym in Alumni Arena from an elliptical on the second floor.

If you’re not one to be stuck inside a gym or like to work out by yourself, UB is a great campus on which to go on a run. I’ve run around the campus before and found it to be a good workout. There are sidewalks and crosswalks to make your run safer, and there is a bike path behind the Ellicott Complex that you can utilize for a more scenic route.

There are also athletics classes you can take at UB that count toward your credit hours! They are typically 1-credit classes that meet for a few hours a week and are graded pass/fail. I took a self-defense class that I found really valuable and fun, and other classes include activities like backpacking, badminton, aerial yoga, basketball and triathlon. There are also clubs on campus dedicated to physical activity, including a running club and UB BarbarianZ, a club dedicated to street-inspired workouts. With so many options, it’s harder to find an excuse not to fit in a workout!

Buffalo for Bernie

It turns out wrapping up your undergraduate career is pretty time consuming! I have been so busy the past few weeks but I am still trying to fit in some fun. With an interest in law and politics, I’ve been following the presidential race pretty carefully this year and got really excited when rumors began circling about Vermont Senator and Democratic presidential candidate Bernie Sanders coming to speak at UB.

The rumors were right! On Monday Bernie held a “Future to Believe In” rally at Alumni Arena. The rally started at 7 p.m. but people began lining up in front of the arena at 8:00 a.m.! When I and a group of my friends got in line around 2:00 p.m., it had already wrapped around the back of Bissell Hall, which is next to Alumni. Eventually the line would zig-zag and wrap all the way around UB Stadium! It was pouring rain and we had to stand outside for hours, but we made it inside and got a spot along the railing behind the podium where Bernie would speak.

bernie group  bernie podium

Over 8,000 people packed into Alumni to see Bernie – and that left 3,000 more who wanted to come in standing outside! Bernie was nice enough to give a short speech to those who could not fit inside due to the capacity of the arena. When he finally came into the arena, the crowd went wild. It was a surreal experience listening to the chanting, screaming and stomping echoing throughout Alumni. Bernie gave a standard speech covering some of his main points, including health care, college debt, equality, protecting the environment, and fighting big business. After his speech, he came down off the podium and shook hands with everyone standing along the railing – meaning I got to shake his hand! It was an incredible experience being a part of a political rally and it was even cooler that it got to happen right at UB!

#TBT to Winter Gala

Hey guys,

With the frigid, blustery weather lately, I can’t help but miss the unusually warm weather that Buffalo got to experience in December. While the hallmark of December is finals – full of tests, papers and stress – my friends and I attended Winter Gala as a celebration of finishing our last fall semester.

Winter Gala is an event held by the Student Association every fall semester; its spring semester counterpart is Spring Gala. The events are held at Samuel’s Grande Manor in Williamsville – only about 15 minutes away from North Campus – and the ticket includes a three-course meal, drinks and transportation to and from the venue. The winter edition features a live jazz band that plays during dinner and then a DJ got everyone out onto the dance floor. It was a great way to relax before buckling down to finish out the semester strong.

three gala girls

five gala girls

The last semester

valentines day

Albeit a little late, it’s the start of the spring semester! It’s also the start of my last semester at UB. I’ll be graduating in May with my bachelor’s degree and hopefully will be going to law school in the fall! I’m super excited to make the most of my last semester at UB and potentially in Buffalo.

Spring semester almost always seems to go by faster than fall semester, and this semester is sure to fly by. There’s so much to do on campus and in the City of Buffalo and surrounding areas during the last few winter months and into the start of warmer weather. Additionally, my coursework, work schedule and extracurriculars make my life pretty hectic and busy.

Having so much going on sometimes makes it difficult to find time to do little things like meet up with friends for lunch or go to the movies. But UB makes it easier to fit in breaks to hang out and just breathe by hosting many small events throughout the semester. For example, with Valentine’s Day coming up, many Student Association clubs at UB held events this week where people could come and make Valentine’s Day cards to be given to patients at Roswell Park Cancer Institute. My roommate and I took some time to stop and make cards as a time-out from our crazy days. Roswell does great work with treatment of cancer patients and research toward a cure so I was happy to take a moment out of my day in order to potentially make someone else’s day brighter.

Late-night UB football

Last night the Bulls played a Wednesday night game televised on ESPNU against Northern Illinois. Fans were encouraged to “black out” UB Stadium by wearing all black in support of the Bulls’ black uniforms.

At halftime UB was losing 27-3. The Bulls did end up making a comeback in the second half, but still lost 41-30. If they had won the game, the team would have been deemed bowl eligible. UB has another chance to become bowl eligible by winning the next game on Saturday Nov. 21 against Akron.

Since the game started at 8 p.m., it was very dark outside. The stadium brightly lit the field and looked really cool from a distance. A cannon boomed whenever UB scored and there was a half-time fireworks display that lit up the entire sky. Even though it was quite cold, it was a cool experience to see the Bulls play at night. Despite the loss, good came from the game – senior quarterback Joe Licata became the All-Time Leading Passer in UB Football history!

ub football me and abs

Linda Yalem Run

This past Saturday was the 26th Annual Linda Yalem Run. The event is a tradition at UB and students, faculty and community members alike join in to walk or run. It was my first 5K event and I have to say I had a blast. I ran on the University Honors College team, and other teams of students competed as well. Members of UB’s football team and volunteers from on-campus clubs and Greek life lined the race route and cheered on those participating. It was an amazing feeling to have strangers tell me to keep going and that I was doing great. I’m not the best runner, but I sure felt like I could run that race again.

linda yalem

The run commemorates UB student Linda Yalem, who was tragically raped and killed on the Amherst bike path which runs behind the Ellicott Complex on UB’s North Campus in 1990. She was an avid runner who was training to run in the New York City Marathon. Her killer was apprehended by police and sentenced to 75 years in prison in 2007. The run promotes safety while exercising and the registration fee – only $20 for UB students – goes to rape-prevention and personal safety awareness programming at UB.

The route is a 5K USA Track and Field-certified course that starts behind the Academic Spine and wraps around the entire campus. There were post-race awards and food and the weather was gorgeous for an early fall morning. You can run or walk the race, so I encourage you to grab some friends and participate!

Welcome back, Fall Fest style

Hi guys!

Welcome back to another semester at UB! I can’t believe this is my senior year. I’m so excited for my last year as an undergrad at UB and I hope you stay tuned to my blog to see some of the new and improved events and features UB has to offer.

One quintessential fall-semester activity on campus is Fall Fest. Fall Fest is an annual concert hosted by the Student Association every fall semester. Each semester SA also hosts Spring Fest in the spring, so students can attend a FREE concert twice a year!

This year’s Fall Fest was rap- and R&B-themed and featured artists Tink, Isaiah Rashad, Jeremih and Big Sean. I only really knew Jeremih’s music and some of Big Sean’s, but I figured since it was going to be my last Fall Fest I would go anyway. The day of the concert it poured all day long. SA moved the concert inside Alumni Arena – it’s often held outside in the Baird Point parking lot when the weather cooperates – but the line to get into the Arena was so long so we did have to stand in the rain for a while. My roommate and I had a blast once inside, dancing and singing to songs we didn’t even know the words to. SA packed Alumni Arena to its capacity and I’d say it was a success!

fall fest crowdfall fest lights



















“Way up, I feel blessed.”
-Big Sean, ‘Blessings’

Game of Thrones preview

Hey all,

This past Sunday, UB students were able to watch the first episode of season five of the HBO hit series Game of Thrones two weeks before it premieres on HBO! Students entered into a lottery to obtain a ticket for the viewing, and there was a line that extended outside the Center for the Arts, where the showing was held, and wound around buildings and down the hill toward the Student Union. Over 1,700 students attended the premiere, and HBO campus representatives handed out Game of Thrones crowns and offered chances for students to win Game of Thrones prize packs. There was a live Twitter feed broadcasting tweets about UB’s premiere and the event planners blared the Game of Thrones soundtrack for an hour before the episode premiered.


Courtesy of Game of Thrones, HBO


How awesome is it that UB students were able to see the first episode of a widely popular TV series two weeks before it officially airs!? It’s all due to the fact that UB Campus Living has partnered with HBO Go to make HBO free and available to all students living on campus or in on-campus apartments. This means that UB students who live on North or South Campuses, whether in the dorms or in apartments, can watch HBO for free, courtesy of UB and Campus Living! This is huge news for anyone who loves HBO shows like Girls, Game of Thrones, True Detective or The Newsroom. HBO also hosts comedy series, news, documentaries, sports and recent, popular movies.

So take a study break and enjoy HBO, courtesy of UB Campus Living and HBO Go!