And I am in!!!!

The wait is over ladies and gentlemen. Yesterday, I got an email from UB School of Management, saying that I have been accepted to the Master’s Management Information Systems program. Phew! I was really getting worried but now that I know my next move, I am so relieved! Yeah, I am that guy who likes to make plans, likes to know what is next and hates surprises. I can’t wait to get my acceptance letter in the mail. I have been obsessively checking my mailbox (like every hour!). Once the acceptance packet is here, I have to do some paperwork, then I am all set.

Today I stopped by the department to talk to one of my professors. We had a long chat about what to expect from the graduate program. It’s intense and advanced course material compressed into a few semesters. But I think I am ready for it. I have finally found a subject that I am actually interested in and going to graduate school will definitely open lot of doors. I am super excited and can’t wait to begin apartment hunting!!!!!

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2 Responses to “And I am in!!!!”

  1. Lynlee says:

    That’s awesome!!!!! Congratsssss!! Love you!!