January 2010 Archive

RA/AA Selection

While everyone else was relaxing this weekend, I was busy interviewing potential candidates for the Resident Assistant/Academic Assistant positions for 2010-2011. Yes, my friends interviewing – behind the desk, all dressed up, asking question and writing comments. Oh, the joys of not being in the candidate seat for a change. Though I will be in the candidate seat in a few months when I enter the job market. But on Saturday I was the interviewer along with another member of the University Residence Halls and Apartments.

To apply for the RA position you need to have a good GPA, be in good judicial standing and must have lived on campus for at least a year. Sorry incoming freshmen – you guys can apply at the end of your freshmen year and join the staff during your sophomore year. I would strongly encourage people who are interested in acquiring leadership, inter personal and time management skills to apply for this job. It has been a great experience for me and I am sure you will have a blast doing it too. So if you are articulate, personable, like to help people and a leader – this might be the best on campus job for you!

Improv Show

As some of you know I am a Resident Assistant (RA) on UB’s South Campus. As RAs we are required to organize programs aimed at enriching residence hall living. We are required to put up seven programs per semester and each program is unique in its own way. These programs can encompass various topics like diversity, leadership, community service etc. They are an amazing way for students to meet new people and learn new things.

This Saturday a fellow RA and I, organized the Improv Show  in Goodyear Residence Hall on South Campus. We invited the UB Improv group to perform (thankfully my fellow RA is friends with them). The performance was hilarious and the resident turnout was amazing.  The presenters were successful in engaging the audience and often asked them for ideas to perform skits on. One particularly funny moment was when the group asked for movie genres and one of the audience members shouted out Disney princess. The group acted out a Cinderella themed skit which left people rolling on the ground. It was a great night!!!!

Snow Snow Snow!!!

If you live in Upstate or Western New York, you probably have experienced cold weather and tons of snow. For those of you who are not from New York or the United States for that matter, one piece of advice for you – it snows in Buffalo, so invest in a good coat and boots. Now, I know you have heard rumors about the snowfall in this region – but let me tell you, it really doesn’t snow that much here. Yes, we do get our share of snow but its no more or less than any other city in WNY or Upstate.

And to all the out of state students, you would come to love snow if you are the outdoorsy kind. There is no need for you to stay in, bundled up. You can go skiing, snowboarding etc. In fact, one of the SA Clubs – Schussmeisters Ski Club, offers great deals on skiing and snowboarding and the best part is -you don’t have to be a professional. All you need is lots of enthusiasm and layers of clothing! Take it from someone who comes from the desert region of India – if I can come to love snow, you can too. Just give it a chance.

Looking back…

Over the weekend, I was hanging out with a very dear friend of mine. We met back in 2006, our freshmen year, in Governor’s Residence Halls. She used to live on the floor below me and we eventually became great friends. Over the years we have fought and made up plenty of times but our friendship has stayed the same. We are still the two 18 year olds at heart, the only difference is we are not lost anymore.  Over these 4 years both of us majors, had relationship trouble, lived on and off campus, made it to the Dean’s List etc etc. It is simply amazing how far we have come.

Freshmen year seems so long ago, even though it wasn’t. It’s amazing how far we have come –  academically and emotionally.  Anyways, so we were talking about our “younger years” and somehow the conversation steered towards “if I had that kind of money”. Now all of us have pondered over that question! If I had “that” kind of money, I would invest it. Four years ago, someone asked me the same question, my reply would have been – I will spend every penny of it. My friend and I were laughing at the change in our responses. Freshmen year, her answer to this question was completely different too. I guess we can gauge the impact college has made in our lives through conversations like  these. It’s like those “before and after” pieces that you see in magazines or TV shows. Before – helpless, lost fashion wreck; after – a swan draped in Gucci!

I am sure you guys will notice great changes in your person and self when you are finishing up your college journey! It is going to be one helluva ride, fellas – I can promise you that!

The final lap has begun

Wow, the first week of classes is over! How time flies by. Soon it will be the end of the semester and it will be time to start cramming again. But its been a good week so far. I came back early for RA Training and it was so nice to see all my RA buddies. It was like a family reunion – you know the kind which is attended by every second, third cousin! Monday was the first day of my internship. I am an intern at the IT department of Roswell Park and I am working on pretty cool (read: geeky) projects. This internship is definitely going to be a challenge but a great learning experience nonetheless.

Even though its just been a week, it feels like I am in the middle of the semester. I have been really productive the past couple of days. I finished my personal statements, applied to graduate school and looked up some financial aid stuff. Since this is going to be my last semester at UB, I plan to make most of it. I am just taking 15 credits, which means I will have plenty of time on the weekends to hang out with friends. As one of my friends put it – it’s the final lap, lets make some memories.

It’s time to come back!!!

Where did the break go? I can’t believe it’s time to come back to school. And as a Resident Advisor I have to be back earlier than other students for training. This was by far the most adventurous break. I got a chance to go the Bahamas, my plane malfunctioned TWICE and I was stranded in Orlando, FL. But at the end I reached Houston safely and spent some quality time with my niece and sister. My sister is an amazing cook and I have gained 5 pounds. My already protruding tummy, is protruding a little more. Time to hit the gym when I get back. You would think that a student like me would go to the gym everyday since UB has so many of them and its free for all the students. But alas! only if I had some time.

On Monday I start my last semester at UB. Nostalgic –  check!, Scared – check!, Excited – check! No idea what’s after this – check!. It is going to be a crazy semester. I also start my internship on Monday! All in all this semester is going to be yet another adventure.

And the grades are in…

We burn midnight oil, slog, cram and work hard for this one day for the entire semester. That decimal number which pretty much controls your fate in college (drum rolls, please)- the GPA. Some students get their grades a few days after their final exams but some of us have to wait till the very last day. My grades for Fall 2009 finally showed up on the transcript yesterday.

Needless to say I was a nervous wreck – for those who know me, know what I am talking about. But to my surprise I did really well this semester. It was a great boost to my GPA and it came at a good time, especially since I am sending out my transcripts to different graduate schools.

In a lot of ways my 2009 ended yesterday and man was it a good end. Now back to researching schools and filling out applications! Adios…

First day of the year and Oh, I miss UB

I am sure you guys are still recovering from last night’s celebration – whether you spent it with family playing Yahtzee or with friends playing Wii or at Times Square freezing your fingers off. I celebrated in my own special way (and as I have been doing for a number of years now) by staying in all by myself and watching TV. Oh AND new year’s eve is the only day of the year that I go to sleep before midnight. It’s like my own personal tradition.

So 2010 is going to be a daunting year for me. It’s going to be chaotic – internship, graduation, applying to graduate school, getting accepted to graduate school etc etc. It’s just the first day of the new year and I am already nostalgic about graduating from UB. It’s going to be an exciting and scary year.

Even though I am on a vacation, I terribly miss my friends back in Buffalo. I miss being at UB, I miss the paninis at Pistachios, Tim Horton’s coffee, the hustle bustle of Student Union, the chaos of group projects – ahh, good times! Well only a week before I return back to the B-LO and I really can’t wait to see my friends and residents.

I hope y’all had a safe new year’s eve!!!